How Acupuncture Helps With Weight Loss

Today, many people are endeavouring to lose weight. Some do it for the sole purpose of keeping themselves fit. Others do it for health considerations. It is good to note that there are various ways on how to achieve your weight loss goal. One thing you can consider is through acupuncture. How does this method aid with weight loss? Here are specific answers to these questions.

Acupuncture should be used in line with lifestyle changes

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You have to take note that acupuncture can help you lose weight if you do it in accordance with willingness to change your lifestyle. Those acupuncture needles will be inserted into specific points in the body where it can help not only to specifically address weight loss but for you to be able to have an easier time to deal with weight gain causes – from eating fattening foods to stress, anxiety and frustration. As these specific causes are addressed, you should be more than willing to embrace the change.

Consultation is a must

Acupuncture will never be effective for weight loss unless you consult an expert acupuncturist. When you do, you should be ready to discuss a lot of things that may have been causing you to gain weight. You should be willing to answer questions related to overeating patterns and be ready to let the acupuncturist know if you are experiencing digestive difficulties. The acupuncturist, on the other hand, will assess your condition to know where the trouble comes from.

Prepare yourself for the treatment plan

Acupuncture treatment plans vary from one patient to another. The acupuncturist will devise the plan depending on your weight loss goals and the rate with which you want to lose weight. They can also consider your commitment to the weight loss plan. Usually, treatment will be given for five days if you have been overeating severely in the past. For those wanting to lose at least five pounds, seeking acupuncture treatment at least once every three days will be important. In any of these cases, booster treatments that need to be done weekly will be recommended after you have achieved your weight loss goal.

Nutritional counselling is a crucial part of the treatment plan

Every weight loss program, whether with the aid of acupuncture or not, will only be effective if you are willing to undergo nutritional counselling. This is crucial in order for you to plan your diet regimen very well. You have to understand that the diet is not a short-term part of the weight loss goal. You have to be willing to maintain it over the long term. Usually, a diet high in fibre and consequently low in fat will be recommended. You will also be required to take in low-density carbohydrates in moderate amounts. Nutritional counselling with acupuncture will prevent you from having to regain the weight you have lost during the course of the treatment.

Stress reduction and exercise are also important

As mentioned awhile back, acupuncture works best with lifestyle changes. Part of the lifestyle change is reducing your daily stressors and doing some exercise. Stress reduction methods are often recommended by the acupuncturist and may include anything from meditation and yoga to breathing exercises, biofeedback and even Tai Chi. Any of these methods will be customised according to your weight loss goals.

Exercise is also part of the treatment plan. You can use an exercise machine or take simple brisk walks every other day for 40 minutes each day. With any of your exercise choices, you and the acupuncturist can decide if it will be good to elevate the exercise program further.

Acupuncture will only be effective when it comes to helping you lose weight if you follow what has been mentioned above. For more about how it can help improve your life’s goals, give us a call as we provide acupuncture in Toronto.

Understanding The Different Treatments For Various Scar Types

Scars can look so horrible. They can be etched on your skin for life especially if you do not do something about it. Some of you presume, your scars are already a hopeless case but it is good to note that with advancements in science, you now have a solution to your problem. Depending on your scar type, a treatment is proven to help with its removal. Get to know your options below.

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Treatment for keloid scars

Keloid scars are scars that result from a very aggressive healing process. Some scars, as you may have noticed, appear because of a certain thing you may have done over the surface. Often, you may have accidentally scratched it or you may have removed the skin over the bruise. In other cases, the scar can extend way beyond that of the original bruise or injury. This is when keloid scars develop. Take note that this is most common amongst individuals who have darker skin. Depending on how you want to treat these scars or on the size of such scars, you now have several treatments to choose from.

In case you want to flatten keloid scars, your choice is to use silicone sheets or have it treated with steroid injections. If you want to remove this scar permanently, you will need to undergo surgery. For smaller keloids, you can ask about a certain type of therapy where the scar will be frozen through the aid of liquid nitrogen, also known as cryotherapy. Silicone gel pads and pressure treatment, on the other hand, can help prevent keloid formation.

Treatment for hypertrophic scars

These are scars that are often red in colour and are raised. These are usually mistaken for keloids but the only distinctive feature they have when compared to keloids is that the scars do not actually extend beyond that of the bruise or injury’s boundaries. For this type of scar, you can use silicone sheets to allow it to flatten whilst you can treat it with steroid injections if you want to lessen inflammation.

Treatment for acne scars

Acne scars are common to teenagers and even adults who have always scratched or pricked over the surface of the acne thinking that is the best way to get rid of it. Many times, with all the scratching and pricking here and there, scars will appear. If you have severe acne, the scars can even be worse than you have expected. Gone are the days when you have to suffer the consequences of what you have done. Now, you can have these scars removed either by surgery or any of the other treatments for scar removal as mentioned herein. Remember that there are wavelike, angular scars as well as those deep pit scars resulting from acne. Each of these acne scar types have specific treatments you should try.

Treatment for contracture scars

What are contracture scars? You may ask. These are scars that have actually resulted from skin burns. Notice that such scars will make your skin look contracted. They can tighten the skin and when they are severe, you will definitely experience some difficulties when moving. In some cases, these scars may also penetrate the skin and affect even your muscles and nerves. Some contracture scars may now be treated using scar removal creams and ointments whilst other may need surgery.

You are very lucky that all of these different treatments are available for scar treatment. For those of you looking for the best way to get rid of scars, you can call us. We are accredited to perform scars removal in Toronto so let us solve your scar problem for good!

Have You Spent Too Much Time Out Under The Sun?

As much as you do not want to believe in this, the sun is not always good for you. This means that it’s often a good idea to stay away from direct sunlight. Not many people have been able to do this however. If you’ve been in the outdoors a lot, you probably have a few sun spots to show for it. Sun spots are basically dark spots on your skin that may get itchy when you spend time under the sun. These spots are usually considered as harmless, but they do not look too good, especially for light skinned individuals. This is probably why you would want to know how to get rid of them. Here’s what you can do:

The gradual fading with natural components

This often involves using fruits and other natural components like Aloe Vera, red onions, buttermilk, yoghurt, lemons or oranges. The common factor in all these ingredients is a mild acid that is likely to help by lightening the sun spot. The trick here is patience and consistency since you will be gradually fading the spot until it disappears. Unlike other options, natural components are considerably safer and cheaper to use. Most, if not all of these items may be readily available in your home.

This makes sun spot removal by gradual fading a readily available and affordable method for everyone. You may however need to be aware of your skin’s sensitivity issues if you have any. This is because some of the natural ingredients may affect different people differently in terms of harshness or allergic reactions. These ingredients have to be applied directly to the sunspots, preferably once or twice daily for as long as needed.

Professional skin care solutions


If you’ve already tried the natural solutions with unsatisfactory results, or you simply lack the patience for gradual fading, you can consider professional skin care solutions. These include laser resurfacing, chemical peels and cryotherapy. Laser resurfacing involves peeling off the affected layer of the skin and it may take you a while to recover. The results are however, outstanding. Chemical peels also imply using a combination of acids to remove the affected layers of skin.

This also takes a while to heal, but you will be able to get rid of the sun spots just as effectively. Cryotherapy then involves freezing the sun spots and waiting for them to fall off. This could take up to one week depending on your skin and the depth of the sunspot. If you opt for professional skin care solutions, be sure to speak to your dermatologist first since the results depend on the condition of your skin.

Skin care products

This is a more common option for most people. There are a lot of over the counter products that are meant to help with sun spots. These usually work by lightening the skin, meaning that you will have to apply directly on the sun spots. Others however are simply meant for toning and creating even skin coloration. The trick here is in finding the right products based on your specific needs. With so many options in the market, it is usually very difficult to pick out a product without recommendations from a professional in the industry. Make sure you consult adequately before you subject yourself to any of these skin care products that can lighten your skin significantly.

Sun spots may be harmless, but they are a good indication that you’ve been spending a lot of time in direct sunlight. And while you may have a lot of options for sun spot removal in Toronto, you should also make sure that you do not take them for granted and leave the removal procedure till too late!

3 Ways To Tighten Your Skin After Acing That Weight Loss Challenge

The skin is originally elastic, meaning that it should be able to tighten up after being stretched for some time. Losing a lot of weight is one of the things that are known to make your skin lose its elasticity. This would explain the usually unattractive saggy skin that you may have seen on someone or on yourself after a significant weight loss. Sagging skin often affects how you look and how you feel, meaning that you’ll need a solution as soon as possible. Here are three options that might just do wonders for you.

Eat well and exercise your body


This seems a bit obvious, and that’s because it is. In order to enjoy great tight skin, you will have to eat a lot of fresh and raw foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. This is especially because these are usually very beneficial for developing beautiful and fresh skin. Make sure you drink enough water and a lot of fresh juices. You will also be wise to avoid indulging in dehydrating beverages like alcohol and coffee. This will only cause more damage to your skin.

Here, you need to remember that well hydrated skin is more elastic than dehydrated skin. When it comes to exercising, you will need to indulge in routines that allow you to muscle up. This means trying out some weight training rather than the usual cardio exercises that were effective for weight loss. Yoga is also a good way to tone up and get that tight skin if you are consistent with it. You can start attending yoga classes a few times a week or even use a video to practice from the comfort of your home.

Embrace healthy changes in your lifestyle

Some of these changes would include avoiding the sun. While a tan may make you feel awesome, the sun does more damage than good to your skin. If you cannot completely avoid direct sunlight, then at least use some good sunscreen products that will shield you from the harmful rays. Getting frequent massages will also help with circulation, meaning that your skin can get enough nutrients.

While getting that massage, be sure to concentrate on the areas that you need to tighten. Better circulation implies improved cell growth and generally healthier skin cells. You will also need to avoid harsh skin care products that are likely to dry your skin up. Oily soaps and cleansers will work best for you at this time since they care for your skin while also protecting it from drying up.

Skin treatments actually work

Here, there are three major things that you could do. First, exfoliate your skin regularly for a clean and smooth feel. Exfoliation improves circulation, meaning that your skin gets to receive all the nutrients that it needs for self-renewal. You could also include mineral and salt scrubs into your exfoliation regimen. These are quite effective in tightening the skin too.

The second thing to do here is to always oil your skin thoroughly after a shower. The oils are effective in rebuilding your skin’s elasticity to give you tighter skin. Skin firming creams, lotions and masks are your third step. Basically, use skin care products that are aimed at strengthening your skin. The ingredients to look out for include collagen, Vitamin A and E, and pure Aloe.

All of these are natural ways to tighten your skin, meaning that they will take some time and consistency on your part. Speak to your dermatologist or an expert in skin tightening in Toronto for more specific tips and advice based on your skin type.

A Simple Guide On Different Scars And How You Can Remove Them

Scars are a type of skin imperfections that are often a result from some kinds of diseases, accidents or surgeries. When the outer layers of the skin (epidermis or dermis) are damaged, the area will automatically heal by rebuilding the tissue. This tissue is mostly made up of collagen fibres that are newly synthesised, which is a protein that your body produces naturally. Unlike skin that is intact, the new collagen fibres tend to grow back in an unorganized manner and are more closely packed.

However, scar tissue permanently lacks hair follicles and sweat glands, and they are less resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Additionally, scar tissue can only retain about 30% moisture than other undamaged areas. Depending on the how deep the skin is damaged, as well as the complexity and duration of the rebuilding process – these factors affect how noticeable the scar will be.

Common causes of scars


Tissue damage can occur due to a number of reasons and they include:

•    Tattoos: Some temporary tattoos that unlicensed tattoo parlours provide may contain chemicals that have adverse effects on human skin.

•    Scalds and burns: Accidentally holding objects that are too hot or spilling boiling water.

•    Self-harm: Involves regrettable actions that were probably emotionally-driven.

•    Accidents: Sustaining cuts from falling off a skateboard.

•    Injections: Certain vaccinations that are compulsory may cause scars.

•    Surgical cuts: Cuts needed for a Caesarean section procedure can leave a scar.

•    Body piercings: Don’t be surprised that some individuals pierce areas other than their nose and ear. Long-term effects will become visible when the piercings are removed or the person stops wearing them.

The formation of scars can also be a side effect of other conditions. For example, some people can be affected by acne or chickenpox, and some areas may not heal properly after scratching or picking.

Types of scars you should be aware of

First and foremost, you will need to know how to differentiate between a normal and abnormal scar. Normal scars can be identified as a fine line on the surface of the skin. Such scars typically develop over two days after the wound closes and will eventually fade within three months. However, other factors can interfere with the healing process and the scar will be altered in some way.

Abnormal scars on the other hand, can include keloid or hypertrophic scars which will be explained later. These scars can also cause some degree of distress due to its undesirable appearance, discomfort, as well as restricting movement of a joint and remaining dark without any signs of fading. With that said, other scars include:

•    Pale and flat scars: These are the most common forms of scars that are a result of your body’s natural healing process. They may initially be red and slightly raised, but they will become flatter and paler over time.

•    Keloid scars: This scar is an overgrowth of tissue that forms when too much collagen is produced at the area of the wound and the scar just keeps on growing. These scars are also noticeable with the following characteristics such appearing shiny and hairless, and in some circumstances they can feel painful.

•    Hypertrophic scars: Just like keloid scars, these scars are also the result of the imbalanced production of collagen when a wound heals. However, they do not extend beyond the boundaries of the original wound and may continue to thicken for several months (up to six months). It appears raised and red initially but becomes paler and flatter with time, as well as being less flexible than before.

Treating and removing unwanted scars

Although scars do not pose any major health risks, the individual can still be affected either by physical and psychological distress. If you plan to remove your scar, you should aim to minimize its formation as sometimes it might be impossible to fully remove it. If you are able to consult with a professional, they can better assess your situation by anticipating your scar’s severity while considering your history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring.

One of the best treatments you can opt for these days is laser therapy. The laser technology that is used today can treat both stretch marks and scars on almost any area of one’s body. Additionally, you would be delighted to know that each treatment session does not take long and usually lasts between 30 to 60 minutes.

At Laser Essential & Skin Care, we provide services that pertain to scars removal in Toronto. Whether you are experiencing scars from events such as a surgery or accident, you can choose from a variety of treatments to remove the scars that bother you. Our possible treatments include OXYjet, Microdermabrasion, Omnilux Light Therapy, as well as Laser Therapy. If you would like to get in touch with one of our specialists, don’t hesitate to call our hotline today.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Spider Vein Treatment?

Spider vein treatments are used for correcting abnormal veins occurring on the body. The veins usually develop in the legs and they differ in size and severity depending on the individual. Unlike varicose veins that are usually blue, bulging and twisted, spider veins are smaller and they tend to be close to the skin surface. The spider veins look like small starbursts or jagged lines and they cause less discomfort than the more visible varicose veins. Most adults have a form of vein abnormality on the lower extremities although the severity differs from person to person.

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The goal of getting vein treatment is as a way to improve the appearance of the skin. Whether or not you feel any form of discomfort, removing the veins can help with the cosmetic appearance. The presence of spider veins prevents many people from wearing any type of clothing that will expose them. Many women wear slacks and long dresses to hide the spider veins. Fortunately, you can get spider vein treatment in Toronto to ensure that you look and feel much better in everything that you wear.

Understanding the treatment options

Like with most cosmetic issues, many treatment options can help to deal with spider veins. The treatments can be surgical or non-surgical depending on the situation. Some of the treatments available include vein surgery, photodynamic therapy, laser therapy, sclerotherapy and compression stockings. While surgical procedures are more common for varicose veins, non-surgical procedures are effective for treating spider veins. Before you sign on for any procedure, talk to the specialist about the best treatment option for your situation.

When to consider spider vein treatment

While there are many people who decide not to bother with spider veins, like all cosmetic procedures you should consider treating them if their appearance bothers you. It is a good idea to consult your doctor to find out if you are a good candidate for spider vein treatment. The laser treatment is one of the safest and most effective options and it can help to get rid of the spider veins fast. It is important to understand what the treatment entails and make sure that you follow all the aftercare instructions so that you can get the best results.

Do you have realistic expectations on the treatment?

If you have realistic expectations about the results of the treatment, you are a good candidate for it. It is important to have a positive outlook about the cosmetic treatment. Understanding the procedure is one of the best ways to ensure that you get the desired results. If you have tried measures such as wearing compression socks, exercise and losing weight without results, getting treatment will help. If you have varicose veins, treating them may be essential to get rid of pain and discomfort that can diminish your quality of life. During the consultation, the specialist is likely to ask you about your expectations.

The benefits of laser treatment

There are several reasons why choosing laser treatment is a good move. Removing the unsightly veins will not just improve the appearance of your legs, it can also provide relief from leg cramps and swelling. It can help you to enjoy improved health that is pain free. You can have the confidence to show your legs, which means that you do not have to miss out on activities that require you to dress a certain way. The treatment is safe and effective with minimal bruising or scarring. The procedure is comfortable and it does not require general anesthesia. It is non-invasive and there is no downtime to worry about.

Enjoying long-lasting effects

When you decide to get specialized laser treatment for your spider veins, you will notice that symptoms like tingling, swelling, and heaviness start to disappear immediately. The spider veins are just under the skin surface but most people put off removal because they imagine that it requires major surgery with pain and a long recovery period. This is not the case with laser treatment and you do not have to worry about risks and complications. With the new treatment options, you do not have to walk around with unsightly skin anymore. You may need to wear compression stockings for a while after the treatment.

You may not be a good candidate for spider vein treatment if you are pregnant, bedridden or if you have unrealistic expectations about improvement. You should also avoid getting the treatment if you have other vein problems or arterial disease, if you have had a blood clot or if you have any other serious infection or illness. Make sure that you talk to your doctor before you get any vein removal treatment. Get the procedure done in a reputable clinic where you will get the best service. Remember that you should only get cosmetic procedures from a qualified and reputable laser clinic.

Understanding The Removal Of Stretch Marks Via Laser Treatment

Stretch marks can be quite unsightly and unfortunately, they can appear on different parts of the body. Many people get stretch marks but they are more common in women than in men. The marks appear where skin has been stretched and they are usually more evident on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, breasts and upper arms. Many people who suffer from stretch marks find that wearing certain types of clothes is difficult. The situation can become quite frustrating especially when it affects how the individual feels about his or her body.

At a time when appearance is a big issue, many people get frustrated when they have to deal with any perceived imperfections. There are those who get frustrated and even depressed due to the condition of their skin. The situation is especially frustrating when it comes on after weight loss or gain. Many women find that stretch marks, especially after childbirth, can fuel depression, anxiety and other emotional problems. Their self-esteem may suffer and it can also affect their quality of life. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case anymore. There are effective treatments that treat stretch marks.

Who gets stretch marks?

Stretchmarks removal toronto

It is important to know that stretch marks are not just confined to pregnant women or women who have just given birth. The condition can affect anyone, from adolescents experiencing growth spurts to athletes, who undergo repetitive and strenuous exercises. There are also people who get stretch marks after using harsh and often illegal, skincare products. Some skin lightening creams can cause damage to the skin, leading to an issue of stretch marks. Whatever your situation, laser treatment can help to clear or fade the appearance of the stretch marks by up to 75% with permanent results.

What do stretch marks look like?

Stretch marks differ depending on the individual and they are often determined by the person’s skin color. The marks can be red, dark or white and some tend to be more visible than others. Some people have marks that are quite prominent and they are visible from a distance. On some people, you have to be very close to notice the stretch marks.

Whatever the situation may be, most people hate their appearance and anything they can do to get rid of them is welcome. Most people who go through sudden weight loss may find that their excitement is short lived when they notice the stretch marks!

Truth be told, stretch marks on anyone look quite ugly. Regardless of where they are, they mar the skin’s appearance and while some people are more affected by their presence than others are, no one likes them. They impact self confidence in many ways and while it might not seem too obvious, your choice of clothes will reveal the fact that you prefer to keep them well hidden. If you have them on your arms, you will notice a shortage of sleeveless clothing in your closet. The best thing about laser treatment is that you can get rid of the stretch marks, leaving you free to wear anything you like.

The specialized treatment

The popularity of creams offering to get rid of stretch marks is a testament of how much people want to get rid of the marks. Unfortunately, many of the creams offer miracles but they do not deliver. Many women have spent a huge amount of money on topical creams that are ineffective. Fortunately, you do not have to go through the same thing over and over again. Laser surgery for stretch marks is effective and it helps to get rid of the marks quickly. Laser surgery is a non-invasive treatment that can leave you with smooth and clear skin that you will love to show off!

The laser treatment in Toronto works within the first few visits and you will notice the difference almost immediately. The process helps to break down the targeted stretch marks, which triggers production of fresh tissue quickly. This helps to improve the appearance of the skin. The procedure usually takes about 30 minutes and there is very little pain associated with it. In most cases, some redness and swelling may appear soon after, but it disappears in a few days.

To get the best results, contact the experts. There are many places in Toronto that offer the treatment but you have to be careful about where you go. Visiting a reputable clinic will help to ensure that you get the desired results. If you are looking for stretch mark removal in Toronto, make sure that you get all the information that you can about the procedure. When you visit a reputable clinic, the estheticians will explain everything about the procedure to you. It is important to know that the results of the treatment vary from one person to the next, but it is highly effective.

Why Should You Consider Laser Treatment For Acne?

Acne is a common condition and while it is usually prevalent in teenagers, it also affects many adults. There are adults who have had acne since their youth, while others get acne for the first time as adults. Pimples and rough skin characterize the condition, but the severity differs depending on the individual. Acne causes blocked sebaceous glands and deep cysts or nodules surface on the face, neck, shoulders, upper arms, chest and back. When the skin condition starts in adolescence, it can clear and many adults do not exhibit any signs of acne as they mature.

It is not uncommon to find adults with acne and in some cases, it can be severe, resulting in scarring. Acne scars are especially common if the acne is not properly treated. Fortunately, there are treatments that can help to deal with acne and acne scars. Advances in technology have led to treatments that can help people suffering from acne. If you suffer from acne of any level, whether mild or severe, you do not have to live with the condition. One of the best treatments available is done using lasers.

Laser treatment for acne

laser acne treatment

If you have tried numerous creams and other topical and systematic treatment options with no success, the good news is that you can achieve better skin with laser treatment. It is possible to achieve a significant improvement in skin appearance with laser treatment for acne. Whether you are suffering from mild or severe acne, the laser treatment can be very effective. The treatment was originally used as treatment for other skin conditions until dermatologists noticed that the treatment diminished signs of acne. The laser acne treatment will leave the skin looking smoother.

Destroying acne bacteria

When laser treatment is used for acne, it destroys the bacteria that cause the condition. It is important to know that the number of sessions required to get rid of acne will differ from one individual to the next. The treatment is very effective and it provides quick and very tangible results. Most patients experience an improvement of 80% or more after getting the laser therapy. The bacteria that cause acne have a chemical that is highly sensitive to oxygen. The laser treatment destroys this compound, which helps to get rid of the acne fast and effectively.

Analysis and treatment

When you decide to get the acne laser treatment, the skin specialists carry out a skin analysis to determine the real condition of your skin. The estheticians will also provide all the information and details that you need to know about the laser treatment. Being well informed will help you to make the right decision for your situation. You will receive information about all the benefits as well as any possible side effects. Understanding all you can about the procedure is important but it is helpful to know that the treatment is very quick, safe and non-invasive with no downtime.

Treating acne and getting your confidence back

Most people who suffer from acne tend to have self confidence issues. The fact is that the scarring impacts the appearance negatively. The fact that the acne appears on the face, along with other parts of the body, makes this condition very uncomfortable. Fortunately, you do not have to live with the ugly scars any more. Anyone who has the condition knows how frustrating it is trying different remedies with no success. If years of taking medications and trying different creams have left you feeling frustrated, the good news is that this can end. With the effective laser treatment, you can gain your confidence back. Acne scars can be stubborn and if not attended to on time, they can last forever.

Getting quality laser acne services

When you opt for laser therapy for acne scars, you can benefit from highly specialized treatments. The treatment will help to get rid of the acne scars within a very short time. It is important to get the treatment done in a reputable clinic where you can get the best service. This will help to improve the appearance of the skin while also removing the scars effectively. When you visit a well-established laser treatment clinic, you will get treatment that is specially tailored for your specific skin type and condition.

Laser treatment for acne is highly effective and the results are visible within a very short time. The scars, as well as the skin surrounding the areas, look much better almost immediately. With an up to 80% reduction in the appearance of the scars, you do not have to worry about expensive and often ineffective creams. Whether you have adult onset acne or you have had the condition since your teens, you can benefit from the specialized treatment. A complete skin analysis will allow the highly trained estheticians to come up with a treatment plan that is perfect for your situation.

3 Post Weight Loss Treatment Habits Recommended For Seniors


Weight has always been an issue for a lot of people. Even from all the way back when we were children, we have been told to watch our weight as it is usually a reliable sign of whether or not one is healthy. Being too thin suggests that we have not been taking in all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that we need, while being too obese can lead to multiple diseases like high blood pressure or worse, a heart attack.

For seniors, it becomes even more important that they keep their body weight within an acceptable range. As they grow older, some of them may become frailer and their immune systems become weaker, making them more prone to certain illnesses. Hence, in order to stay healthy and hang around this wonderful planet for a little longer, there are some key points we need to take note of on how to stay healthy as we grow older and if you have at any point of time went through a weight loss treatment as an elderly, you should practice good habits even when you are at home.

Watching your diet

The most important thing in regards to anyone’s health is always what he or she eats on a daily basis. Eating is a wonderful thing and I myself can’t help feasting on some really hearty food like fried chicken or pizza from time to time. However, it is dangerous for anyone to be constantly eating food like this week in week out, and that is especially true for older people. Ensure you have an adequate intake of fruits and vegetables, and if possible, cut down on your salt and sugar intake, as they can hurt your liver and cause diseases like diabetes.

Getting sufficient exercise

Everyone knows one of the key ingredients of staying fit is exercise, but many elderly people ignore the notion, claiming they are too old to run a mile a day. However, exercising does not have to be that rigorous, as there is a wide range of activities specially catered for elderly people that makes sure they work out their body but do not exert themselves too much.

One of the most popular ones is water aerobics, also known as aquafit. It is both creative and fun and leaves everyone with a brighter mood and a sense of accomplishment after the session is complete. Another great exercise is Tai Chi, which may not look like it does much, but the control of breathing required helps one regulate blood flow and keeps a person calm and relaxed.

Drinking more water

The older a person gets, the less thirsty he or she will feel, and will tend to drink less water. As a result, it could lead to a mild case of dehydration which in turn causes symptoms like decreased blood pressure and constipation. It also causes them to urinate less often, and toxins unreleased from the body for a long period of time can create some serious problems as time goes on. So, it is important that one reminds him or herself to drink water routinely. It is especially helpful to drink some water before a meal as it helps to impede one’s appetite. This is very important as older people tend to have poor appetites and as a result not eat what is required to stay nourished at their age.

How Do Stretch Marks Come About?


There are many types of skin imperfections one can have and usually the most unappealing and annoying ones are stretch marks. Basically, these imperfections look like small lines on the skin and they have different colors and nuances, making your overall image quite unattractive. However, if you have stretch marks then you might be happy to know that there are professional treatments for them. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the causes of stretch marks.

Rapid weight loss

Losing weight can be a real reason for joy and happiness, but when you look in the mirror and you see a couple of stretch marks on your belly area then all your excitement will vanish quickly! Well, a rapid loss of weight can be the reason behind stretch marks and the experts think that this is happening because the skin doesn’t have enough time to adjust to the new weight and body shape. Therefore, take it easy with your diet and workout routines and you will not have stretch marks.

Rapid weight gain

Similarly, the skin can develop stretch marks if you gain a lot of weight in a short period of time. Again, sudden changes in the body will trigger this process, so remember to enjoy a couple of sweets and hamburgers from time to time, but don’t cross the line.

Puberty and hormonal changes

Usually teenagers are the most exposed to stretch mark and for them, this is a natural process which accompanies puberty. Unfortunately, teenagers deal with a lot of changes in their body during puberty and some get acne, other stretch marks, etc. Don’t worry, usually these skin imperfections pass with time and if they don’t, laser treatments will solve the problem.


During pregnancy, the abdominal area of a woman increases in size and volume and for some mothers to-be, this quick body change can catch the skin unprepared, resulting in ugly stretch marks. Again, they might pass after pregnancy, so you shouldn’t worry about them too much now.


Yes, even if you work out a lot and your body develops a lot of muscular mass at a rapid pace, you still risk of getting stretch marks in the long run. Basically, the skin tries to adapt to the increased muscles on your arms, abdomen, chest and legs and in some cases, it might get hurt and develop stretch marks. Therefore, although you might look great in the mirror with six-pack abs, remember that they can be ruined by long, visually unappealing stretch marks. Just take it easier and you will achieve your goals!

So, if you currently have stretch marks on your skin because of one or more of the aforementioned causes then you should come to our professional clinic. Here you can take advantage of laser therapy which will produce visible, stunning results in just a few sessions of treatment. Additionally, this procedure is safe, you won’t feel more than a small pinch in the skin area which is being treated and in the future, you will be able to look in the mirror feeling much better about yourself!